Wakerley Updates: Basketball court and Dog-off leash area

Basketball court for Mossvale on Manly Estate

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As many know, I was recently approached by a Year 10 student, Sam Atkins. Sam identified that the Mossvale Estate at Wakerley was in need of park facilities to cater for both teenagers and adults, and suggested a basketball court.

He set up an e-petition calling on Council to install a basketball court within the estate.

The petition received 226 signatures and called for Council to work with the residents of the Mossvale on Manly Estate to install a basketball court within the estate.

In response, I carried out consultation with residents in the estate in order to determine support for the proposal.

After collating the results of the survey, it is evident that there is a strong support for his project, with 83% of residents who responded being in favour, with 17% against.

Given this support, I have instructed Brisbane City Council (BCC) to proceed with this project for construction of the basketball court to be completed within the 2017/18 financial year.

Dog-Off Leash Area for Watervale Parade

I’ll also take this opportunity to provide an update on the Dog-Off Leash Area (DOLA) for Watervale Parade, Wakerley.

Construction is nearing completion.

Unfortunately, the project completion was delayed as a result of the redesign and contractor availability.

Recent rain has meant that further earth works also need to be completed before the park can be opened.

80 cubic metres of fill are required, as well as turfing, before the park can be opened.

However, all work is currently planned for completion by 22 December 2017, weather permitting.

I will be sure to keep residents updated with this project, and hope we can have this dog park opened for the ward to enjoy in time for Christmas.