My priorities for Chandler Ward

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It's a great honour to be appointed the Councillor for Chandler Ward.

This area is where I grew up, where my family lives and it's my privilege to represent it in City Hall.

Since Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner took office, our administration has wasted no time making several major policy announcements.

These include;


Locally, I've wasted no time outlining my priorities for Chandler Ward. These include;

I will also be doing my very best to support local events like the Brisbane Billycats, the Green Heart Fair and the Wakerley Christmas Carols.

I've already been able to add a new event to our calendar, with the inaugural Dog's Breakfast being held in Meadowlands Park on 31 August.


You can read more about some of Council's important local initiatives on my website over the coming days.

We're all about building the Brisbane of tomorrow, while protecting the best of what we love about our city.

Actually, while you're here- consider signing my petition to upgrade the Aminya Street shopping centre precinct. Another one of my projects for Chandler Ward.

As always, please reach out to me if there's anything I can help you with.