Aminya Street in need of upgrade

Aminya St.jpg

I am launching a petition asking Council to fund a Village Precinct Project (VPP) to upgrade the streetscape around the Aminya Street shops in Mansfield.

The Aminya Street shopping precinct is one of the few 'strip shop' style areas in Chandler Ward.

It's served our community well over the years, but lately it's been looking tired, run down and in need of a facelift.

Luckily, Council's Village Precinct Projects have breathed new life into shopping strips all around Brisbane through streetscape improvements including;

  • New footpath treatments
  • Additional street furnitre
  • Landscaping and tree planting
  • Public artwork & lighting upgrades
  • Public transport and pedestrian improvements
  • Feature trees, placemaking and wayfinding signage

For example, after we completed a Village Precinct Project in Cannon Hill, several previously unleasable shops were leased and owners began to reinvest in their shops.

However, before we can proceeed, I need to get the Lord Mayor's support and funding in next year's Council budget.

As such, I've started a petition calling on Council to begin preliminary investigations so we can determine a budget.

Together we can help bring this much needed upgrade to Aminya Street.