New footpaths connections for Hemmant and Wakerley

Tilley Road, Wakerley

Tilley Road, Wakerley

In response to requests received from local residents, I allocated $213,582 from the 2018-2019 Doboy Ward's Footpath & Parks Trust Fund towards missing link footpath upgrades in Hemmant and Wakerley:

  • Pinnibar Street, Hemmant - $106,900
  • Watervale Parade, Wakerley - $57,411
  • Tilley Road, Wakerley - $49,271

These projects would see construction of a 1.2m wide concrete footpath:

  • along the southern side of Pinnibar Street, Hemmant between Hemmant-Tingalpa Road and Oberon Esplanade
  • along odd numbered of Watervale Parade, Wakerley from #29 Watervale Pde to #59 Watervale Pde
  • along the odd numbered side of Tilley Road, Wakerley from #199 Tilley Rd to #163 Tilley Rd

Completion of these projects is one step towards improving the safety of all pedestrians utilising these footpaths.

Pinnibar Street, Hemmant

Pinnibar Street, Hemmant

Recently, I distributed a survey asking residents for feedback on Council’s proposal to install a concrete footpath along Pinnibar Street, Hemmant.

The survey distributed asked for residents to indicate their preference to:

• Construct the footpath along the Southern alignment (odd numbered side) or;

• Do not construct the footpath

Of the residents who responded, 75% were in favour of the footpath being constructed and 25% of residents were against.

Given this support, I instructed Brisbane City Council to proceed with this project.

These projects have since been completed from the 2018/19 Doboy Ward Footpath & Parks Trust Fund.

Thank you to all those residents that provided their feedback and for having a say in the future of our local community.