Sign the petition to upgrade Belmont Road!

In brief

Congestion on Belmont Road during peak-hour has been bad for years and is getting worse.

Frustrated motorists are waiting up to eight minutes in peak hour to approach the intersection heading northbound.

It's time this problem was fixed.

I am asking you to support my petition to the Lord Mayor, asking him to deliver funding to fix the problem in Council's 2017/18 Budget, handed down in June this year.

Source: Own Work

The detail

Council engineers have undertaken a preliminary investigation of the issues at this intersection to determine possible improvements.

As the traffic signals currently operate at capacity, there is no opportunity to simply adjust signal green times to address the throughput. Fixing the problem will require a 'hard infrastructure' solution.

Any improvement will involve substantial changes to the way the intersection is configured.

A project to fix the intersection may include the below changes:

  • implementation of a new 'fast diamond' intersection configuration
  • realignment of lane markings on Belmont Road,
  • relocation of the bus stop on Belmont Road,
  • right turns bans into and out of Palgrave Street,
  • phase changes across all intersection movements
Source: Nearmap

Source: Nearmap

The way forward

I met with Council engineers to discuss several possible upgrade options for the intersection.

They confirmed a cost estimate of $350,000 to fix the queuing issues.

I have included this project in my budget bid under the Arterial Roads Program for delivery during 2017 — 2018 financial year and I am seeking your support to convince the Lord Mayor that this project should be prioritised.

Please sign my ePetition and lets see this project delivered together!