Thank you, Doboy.

Thank you doboy

Dear friends,

To say there’s been some changes in Council recently would be an understatement.

Resignation from Council

The election of Cr Adrian Schrinner to Brisbane’s Lord Mayoralty created a vacancy in Chandler Ward.

After consulting with family, friends, and colleagues I subsequently nominated for that vacancy and was successful in contesting it.

My decision to run for Chandler Ward, meant resigning from Doboy Ward.

It was one of the most difficult decisions I have ever made, and not one which I took lightly.

Chandler Ward

Chandler Ward is where I grew up, it’s where I went to school, it’s where my family lives and it’s where I’ve spent the vast majority of my life.

Local government is all about representing your community, and while I have loved every minute of delivering for Doboy Ward, Chandler Ward is my home.

On 14 May 2019, I was appointed by Council as the new Councillor for Chandler Ward.

Doboy Ward

The pre-selection for Doboy Ward will take place tonight, with a new Councillor to be appointed shortly thereafter.

I want to take this opportunity to thank the people of Doboy Ward for giving me the honour of serving them in Council over the last seven years.

Though I may no longer be the Councillor for Doboy, I am very satisfied with the way the ward has progressed under the Quirk and Schrinner administrations and I am deeply grateful to the community who supported me in the work we did together.

I am pleased to leave a ward which is cleaner, greener and easier to get around than it was when I took over 7 years ago. Below are some of the achievements I’m most proud of.

I will be working closely with the new councillor over the coming weeks and months ahead to ensure Doboy residents continue to have a strong voice in City Hall.

Thank you, Doboy.

- Ryan

Achievements in Doboy Ward

  • Re-established the Wakerley Christmas Carols Council to bring the Carols back to Wakerley Park after it was cancelled in 2009.

  • Delivered new park upgrades including shelters and play equipment in the Minnippi Parklands, a basketball half court and shelters in Murarrie.

  • Removed the failed traffic calming scheme in Tingalpa, which since 2008 had tortured residents by making them drive through 24 speed humps to get to and from their homes.

  • Helped to establish Minnippi parkrun along with founding run directors Carmel Rogers and Campbell Willis and I continue to serve as its Patron.

  • Delivered a major multi-million-dollar refurbishment of the Carina Bus Depot, upgrading the internal facilities as well as refreshing the external look and feel.

  • Built new public toilets in the Preston Road Park, off Meadowlands Road so that park users didn’t have to cross Bulimba Creek to find facilities.

  • Established Murarrie Neighbour Day, to bring the Murarrie Community together to strengthen ties between local neighbours.

  • Completed Bill Benham Parklands in Hemmant, a landmark $1.8M redevelopment of contaminated landfill into a waterfront park along Aquarium Passage, complete with fishing platforms, shelters and barbeque facilities.

  • Cleaned up Minnippi Parklands by working with QPS and the Queensland Government to install $70,000 worth of CCTV cameras to crack down on crime.

  • Named and upgraded Ian Page Park in Carina, honouring one of our community’s tireless volunteers.

  • Refurbished the Park Hill Outlook Park in Murarrie, removing noxious and tropical plants to replace them with native Australian vegetation.

  • Upgraded Vicki Wilson Park, in Murarrie, Epala Street Park in Carina and Pinnibar Street Park in Hemmant.

  • Delivered the $2.5M Cannon Hill Suburban Centre Improvement Project, which revitalised the Cannon Hill shopping strip, driving business investment and growth.

  • Restored the P216 service to Tingalpa after it was cut during the State Government’s Bus Network Review.

  • Delivered a new fishing platform in Carmichael Park, allowing local anglers to catch and clean fish caught from Bulimba Creek.

  • Conducted the Murarrie Boundary Review, giving residents a say on the boundaries of their suburb, although sadly the State Government refused to co-operate.

  • Brought forward major spending on the intersection of Meadowlands Road and Belmont Road, which acted to reduce traffic congestion at the intersection in the PM peak.

  • Made significant improvements to the intersection of Belmont Road and Manly Road, to improve congestion in the AM peak.

  • Rebuilt Lytton Road, between Creek Road and Queensport Road. A $3.5M major project, delivering significant improvements to geometry, safety and a dedicated bikeway lane.

  • Named and upgraded Kevin Whitmee Park, to pay tribute to a tireless volunteer for the Belmont-Tingalpa Lions and a dedicated community campaigner.

  • Delivered the first cut of the Hemmant-Lytton Neighbourhood Plan, protecting rural land from development while providing sustainable growth in housing stock.

  • Built major park upgrades in Wakerley, including in Wakerley Park, Behan Crescent Park and Gordon Parade Park.

  • Built new footpaths throughout Hemmant, Wakerley, and Carina, enabling better pedestrian access throughout the suburbs.

  • Delivered four new dog off-leash areas for Doboy, including Springvale Street in Wakerley, Rosewood Place in Murarrie, Habitat Drive in Wakerley and Robinson Park in Tingalpa

  • Installed two major outdoor gyms in Preston Road Park, Carina and Robinson Park at Tingalpa, being the first of their kind in the city.

  • Fought for and delivered the bridge across New Cleveland Road, enabling safe pedestrian access to and from Gumdale State School and the new estates further east.

  • Implemented a night-time truck ban on Queensport Road, giving Murarrie residents a bit of peace and quiet after years of increasing heavy vehicle movements on the road.

  • Completed the remediation of the Fursden Road closed landfill allowing construction of the Cannon Hill Community Links to proceed after twenty years of delays.

  • Enabled construction of the first new public golf course on the southside of the river in over 70 years, with the Cannon Hill Community Links Project heading towards construction in Q3 of 2019.

  • Delivered major improvements to the streetscape along Wynnum Road, at Tingalpa and Cannon Hill, designed to enhance the pedestrian experience, as well as lift the look and feel of our suburbs.

  • Named Irene Longman Reserve, in Cannon Hill after Queensland’s first female parliamentarian.

  • Delivered the $28M Green Camp Road Corridor Upgrade, widening Green Camp Road to four lanes as well as signalising the dangerous Tilley Road intersection.

  • Upgraded the Murarrie Skate Park, delivering the first upgrade since it was built in the nineties.

  • Helped Wynnum and Manly District Meals on Wheels to deliver their twenty-year vision of their own kitchen and community facility at 880 Manly Road, Wakerley.

  • Commenced work on the Manly Road Netball Facility, supporting the growing sport of netball in our community.

  • Established the Carina Cinema in the Suburbs in cooperation with Mayfield State School P&C, which serves as a major fundraiser for the school each year.

  • Started design and procurement of the Murarrie Recreation Hub, allowing boats to access Southgate Ave, bringing Murarrie residents and the Brisbane River closer together.