New milestone for Cannon Hill Links

Billboard sign on Creek Road

Billboard sign on Creek Road

The Cannon Hill Community Links project has hit another milestone today with the commencement of construction activities for the residential subdivision.

Over the coming months, Council's contractors will build a new intersection between Constant Street and Foxmont Drive, Carina.

Remediation of the weed degraded bushland will continue, with 30 hectares of squirrel glider habitat set to be improved between now and the end of construction.

Native Plants and shrubs have been planted where Singapore Daisy and lantana used to run rampant

Native Plants and shrubs have been planted where Singapore Daisy and lantana used to run rampant

Many residents will have noticed fencing going up around the site on Creek Road. This is fauna exclusion fencing, designed to keep animals contained within the site through the duration of construction activities.

Areas with fauna exclusion fencing do not form part of the golf course or residential subdivision.

About the project

Brisbane City Council is working with BMD Properties Pty Ltd (BMD) to deliver a public golf course and residential precinct in Cannon Hill.

The new public golf course will be Brisbane's first public golf course in 70 years and the only public golf course south of the Brisbane River. The golf course will be similar in specification to Council's existing golf courses such as St Lucia and Victoria Park.

Council is fully funding the remediation works and the cost to construct the golf course will be funded entirely from proceeds of the residential development.

Works started in May 2015 and are anticipated to be completed by 2019.

The golf course construction will begin in 2017 and completed in 2018, and the housing estate is expected to begin construction in 2018 to be completed in 2019, weather and construction conditions permitting.

For more information

Contact BMD on 1300 369 446 or via