Carmichael Park - Community Facility Update

Carmichael Park , TINGALPA

Carmichael Park , TINGALPA

Brisbane City Council remains committed to getting the sports facility at Carmichael Park back on its feet.

Moving on from 2018

Following on from the disastrous collapse of Moreton Bay Sports Club in February 2018, Council has continued to invest in the facility's future.

Expressions of Interest for the conveted role of facility operator recently closed, with 3 community organisations now bidding for the rights to the facility.

While no decisions have been made about the long-term operator, Council have been busy getting on with the job of upgrading the facilities, ensuring they are up to standard and ready for use.

Evaluation of the EOI's will continue through April 2019 with a decision expected to come to Council in May.

Temporary tenure by Wynnum Wolves

Council has issued Wynnum Wolves with a temporary permit to occupy the clubhouse for six months while the tender process runs. Both Wynnum Wolves and Wynnum & District Cricket Club have expressed interest in utilising the facility.

This temporary tenure at the facility does not provide any advantage in Council’s open, transparent and competitive tender process, and Wynnum Wolves will still have to submit an application for the lease tender irrespective of any temporary permit that might be granted.

Bringing the facility up to standards

Council have been busy progressing works to maintain the car park, clean-up the gardens and undertake minor and major repairs on the former Moreton Bay Sports Club building.

Council’s Parks team have been attending to the carpark’s visual aspect including trimming of hedges, removal of loose debris and improved edging around the carpark.

External works on the building have included repainting, new guttering, external cleaning and lighting upgrades.

In addition, the mens changing rooms for the soccer club were restumped, to prevent further degradation and subsidence.

So far we have invested over $1M in critical maintenance of the facility since we took over the site in May 2018.

Drainage upgrades

Council has also been meeting with the other site tennant, Wynnum and District's Cricket Club to progress long outstanding works on drainage improvements which would improve playing conditions on both their fields.

Presently, during rain events and high tides, salt water can pool on Cricket Fields No. 1 and No. 2, which leads to poor playing conditions and pitch closures.

Council's Asset Services team has arranged a survey of the levels of the main drain in preparation for a major upgrade to clean the drain and install new pipework.

So far we have invested over $1M in critical maintenance of the facility since we took over the site in May 2018.

Further works

Wynnum Manly District Cricket Club and Wynnum Wolves Football Club will be taking part in Council’s Sports Field Testing Program 2018-2019.

The program is scheduled to commence February 2019 and conclude June 2019.

The sports field testing program provides specific field information to assist community sport organisations and Council to improve sports field safety and playing surfaces.

Sports field testing and audit benefits include:

  • understanding of current sports field condition
  • identification of field issues and safety concerns
  • a turf audit report that provides information to enable commnunity organisation's to better manage the sports field
  • no cost to the organisation.