Meadowlands Rd & Belmont Rd Intersection Upgrade NOW COMPLETE

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The Meadowlands Road and Belmont Road intersection was identified as a location within the local road network that required an upgrade to reduce congestion, improve safety and cater for future traffic demands.

Prior to the upgrade commencing, there was a high level of congestion at the Meadowlands approach to the Belmont Road intersection in the evening peak period, which was expected to increase without intervention.

The upgrade has increased capacity, reduced congestion and improved safety for all road users.

Council's upgrade involved:

  • widening Meadowlands Road on the southern side
  • extending the left-turn lane along Meadowlands Road into Belmont Road by approximately 150 metres
  • installing new 1.5 metre-wide on-road bike lanes on the northern and southern sides of Meadowlands Road leading to Belmont Road
  • installing bike off-ramps for safe transition between on-road and off-road cycle facilities
  • installing 205 metres of new guardrail on the southern side of Meadowlands Road
  • upgrading sections of existing footpath at the intersection
  • resurfacing a section of Meadowlands Road
  • reinstating existing and installing new line marking.

Additional work

Council identified an opportunity to extend the two lane section on the northern side of Meadowlands Road over the bridge as part of the current intersection upgrade.

There was sufficient space within the road reserve to allow for two traffic lanes and a cycle lane. This work included road resurfacing and line marking on the northern side of Meadowlands Road bridge.

The additional work extended the two lane section on the northern side of Meadowlands Road by approximately 150 metres.

While this section of Meadowlands Road was outside the original project scope, incorporating these addional works will further reduce congestion in the area.

Project funds that were reserved for contingencies were available and work was undertaken as part of the project, to offer value-for-money and further increase project benefits.

Project completed

Construction began in mid-April 2018 and I'm pleased to advise works have now been completed in July 2018.

For more information

If you have any questions about this upgrade, please feel free to:

  • contact the project team (during business hours) on 1800 884 681
  • email the project team on
  • call Council’s 24-hour Contact Centre on (07) 3403 8888
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