Kenrick Close Bridge Replacement finished at last!

Kenrick Close Bridge, Philips Place Park, Wakerley

Kenrick Close Bridge, Philips Place Park, Wakerley

Brisbane City Council is pleased to announce that works to replace the bridge near Kenrick Close in Phillips Place Park, Wakerley are now complete.

The existing bridge was nearing the end of its serviceable lifespan and in order to maintain a safe crossing, the bridge has been replaced with a new shared pedestrian and cyclist creek crossing.

Works to replace the Kenrick Close bridge included:

  • creek bank stabilisation works
  • removing the existing timber bridge structure
  • installation of a four metre-wide concrete culvert crossing with bicycle friendly handrails
  • installation of a new bike path entrance off Phillips Place
  • landscaping works including planting 49 new trees and shrubs as well as groundcover plants.

Council would like to thank local residents for their patience while these works were undertaken.

If you would like further information, or have any questions about this project please contact the project team during business hours on 1800 669 416 or email

For information outside of business hours, please call Council’s 24-hour Contact Centre on 3403 8888.