Queensport Road truck ban survey begins

For some time now I have been investigating options to enforce a night time truck ban on Queensport Road, Murarrie.

Many local residents along Queensport Road have complained about the volume of truck traffic on the road at night, often very late into the evening and the early hours of the morning.

As a result of these complaints, I asked Council to conduct a study into the levels of truck usage at night and the potential alternatives to Queensport Road i.e. the Gateway Motorway / Lytton Road / Creek Road and Wynnum Road.

Our surveys indicated over 150 weekday overnight truck movements along Queensport Rd South to the south of Alexandra Place, while there are around 220 truck movements on Alexandra Place itself. The surveys indicate that there are around 100 truck movements using Queensport Rd South from the Murarrie Road with no local access origin or destination.

As a result, I am proposing to ban overnight truck movements on the central section of Queensport Rd South (between Alexandra Place and Garrett Street).

The location of the restriction allows access overnight to the Alexandra Place to ensure freight can still access the estate, but importantly gives residents’ peace and quiet from trucks.

However, in order to take action I need the support of over 50% of residents in the area.

As such, I am asking residents to provides feedback on the proposal to introduce a ban on trucks, excluding vehicles 4.5 tonne Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) and under on: Queensport Rd South, between Garrett Street and Alexandra Place, between hours of 8pm and 6am daily.

I have sent out physical surveys to all households in the affected area, but further feedback can be provided directly to my ward office here: doboy.ward@ecn.net.au